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ZEPHYRANTHES Main Restaurant

In the Zephyranthes Main Restaurant we serve Turkish Delights and world cuisine which are appealing for all kinds of tastes.
All our meals are served in buffet style.

TULIP Bistro & Bar

The Tulip Bistro & Bar will add flavor to your holidays with the varicosity of the food and beverages suitable for your taste buds. The in- and outdoor areas will make you feel at ease.

PEPPERMINT A' La Carte Restaurant

Prepare yourself to taste different flavors in our Peppermint Restaurant which serves Italian and Chinese. Our master chefs will give you the chance to get to know the taste of the unique Italian and Chinese cuisine.

BBQ Restaurant

Our meat lovers are absolutely not forgotten, in our BBQ restaurant you will experience the thrill of trying delicious BBQ delights.


Fresh fish and seafood in our Salicornia Restaurant. We composed a menu which gives you the possibility to taste how our cuisine prepares lovely fish for you. The fish goes along with great local and international drinks, come eat and have a taste.

Bars & Pub


Hollyhock Pub Bar

Beach Bar

Pool Bar

Grande Lobby Bar

Classe Lobby Bar

A wide choice of teas and the unique taste of coffees, will add more pleasure to your conversations in our bars.

You will blow off steam in the Hollyhock Pub while enjoying your drink with pleasant music.

The Beach Bar is a must to recharge your energy while enjoying the blue color of the sea and the warmth of the sun.

While enjoying your vacation at the pool, the friendly service at the bar will offer you convenience.

Your conversations will become more enjoyable with our 24h service.

Conversations full of flavor with a wide range of teas and coffees completed with lovely nuts are awaiting you in our Classe Lobby Bar.